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Olivia Stowe - Restoring the Castle

An exciting romantic mystery from the creator of the Charlotte Diamond mystery series.



Price $US2.99

Inspirational, Romance, Mystery/Suspense

Olivia Stowe - Chatham Square

It is seemingly a coincidence that master doll maker Ginny Standler inherits a co-op apartment fronting on the Chatham Square of Savannah, Georgia, from her Aunt Marie while simultaneously being offered an interim teaching position at Savannah’s College of Art and Design. Both circumstances enable and propel her to escape the Fan district of Richmond, Virginia, and its constant reminders of a romance having gone disturbingly sour and giving Ginny pause to question her value system and relationships with others.

Dropped unceremoniously in the quirky charm of Savannah’s park-laced historical district—and most significantly into contact with the people who live and thrive in that environment—Ginny quickly becomes entwined with a grouchy recluse; a sour, erratic, and sometimes irrational bag lady; a young girl direly in need of  healing; a young waiter laughing through his tears; a bitter poet; and a possible new love interest. And she just as quickly becomes embroiled in the individual letter-signaled mysteries of this set of characters that both repels and compels them one from another—but that somehow makes them a caring community. A community that Ginny comes to suspect her Aunt Marie has purposely enfolded her into to begin the healing in her own life.

This charming and inspirational story reflects perfectly what makes the beautifully designed and peopled southern city of Savannah the special place that it is.

 Salted Away by Gina Drew

Book two in the Koniotis Mysteries Series, set on the exotic Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Romance, Thriller, Mystery/Suspense, Espionage 


When the bodies of two brutally knifed foreigners are found in Northern Cyprus, the authorities are concerned. The murder of foreigners on the island is unusual, and two at almost the same time in mysterious circumstances is even more extraordinary.


In the Greek area of Cyprus, resident foreigners are also suddenly dying by the knife. Meanwhile, Caitlyn, an American archeologist, is having flashbacks and visions of death and danger, READ MORE

Price $US5.99

Laughter's Echo by Gina Drew

Book one in the Koniotis Mysteries Series, set on the exotic Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Romance, Thriller, Mystery/Suspense, Espionage

Caitlyn Spencer is a celebrated American archaeologist known for “visioning” the past and finding archaeology sites to be mined almost as if by magic and for having an unusual affinity for and understanding of the ancient worlds in which she works. When, in the early 1990s, she arrives in Mediterranean Cyprus on a Fulbright scholarship to help excavate the Chalcolithic era site at Kaliana, READ MORE

Price $US5.99


Retired with Prejudice by Olivia Stowe

Murder Mystery, Romance, Rubenesque, Lesbian

In the second of the Charlotte Diamond mysteries, FBI senior investigator Charlotte has retired to Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake bay only to find high-level international intrigue has sought her out when the abandoned sailboat of spy master Win Engleton washes up against her dock. Charlotte struggles with having to choose between . . .READ MORE

Price $US2.99

By the Howling by Olivia Stowe

Murder Mystery, Romance, Rubenesque, Lesbian

When Charlotte Diamond retired to Diamond Cottage near Maryland’s eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, she thought she had left her life of crime—solving it, that is—behind her, and is struggling to find a new purpose in life. But the small waterfront community of Hopewell on the Choptank, with its wealthy artistically inclined inhabitants, is hiding old crimes and dark secrets beneath its outward quiet and affluence. READ MORE

 Price $US3.99

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