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Peter Tonkin


Peter Tonkin grew up in Adelaide and hung out in the arty fringe there, getting himself into bands, cabaret, films, theatre and other funny things.

He also played Aussie rules football for a team he would prefer to remain nameless—to protect the guilty. And he wants to assure his readers that during his time as a player he did not attempt to execute any drops kicks, although some of his more adventurous team mates did.

Peter now lives in Sydney and makes a living from his obsession with words as an English teacher, having followed a circuitous career path that took him to Tokyo, Cambridge, Barcelona and Prague before returning to these fatal shores.

He is horrified to have his book Football Mambo set out in American, not Australian, style, but his publisher did it anyway.

Football Mambo is a humorous noir mystery and his first published book, though back in Adelaide he was famous for writing dramatic monologues and other pieces for performance, including The Ultraviolet Catastrophe, which he performed as part of an ensemble at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. He also co-wrote and sang such infamous songs as Drakes' Blood, Tiberius and Neptune's Wild Sea with the legendary Purple Caesars band, clad sometimes in a toga and at others in makeshift Centurion's garb.

Peter was also a member of the Mad Love theatre collective and appeared in its inaugural production, Rancho, and created experimental films, presented at the multimedia show Within the Palm-Pressed Planet at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Anyone possessing photographic or video evidence of any of the above and expecting to profit from it would be well advised to encourage their families and friends to buy copies of Football Mambo on the basis of rational self-interest.


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