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Skyline Winter Holidays 2019 Edition and Contest

Don’t turn your thoughts from the winter holidays yet. The periodic (five volumes thus far) anthology of prose and poetry, Skyline, is gathering short stories, essays, and poetry for a winter holidays (anything related to a real or imagined holiday between late October and through February of the next year) to be released for the 2019 winter holiday season. The anthology will be composed of contest placers and invited works from central Virginia authors (and/or on central Virginia locations). The juried contest runs from now to 15 June 2019. The prize for first place in each category (short story, essay, poetry) will be $60, second place $40, third place $20). Short stories and essays should be no more than 5,000 words and poetry should be no more than 50 lines. There is no entry fee; the contest and Skyline are set up to provide a legitimate publishing credit.

Entries should be submitted in Word via e-mail attachment to gdkess@mindspring.com. Questions on the contest and anthology can be sent there too. The volume editor will be the pen named Olivia Stowe and the publisher will be Cyberworld Publishing (check out the publisher at cyberworldpublish.com—where the covers of previous Skyline anthologies can be viewed). As with the earlier Skyline anthologies, each contributor will receive a print copy of the book (the books will be available in print and e-book form), works will be published on a nonexclusive use basis (the author retains full copyright and ability to publish wherever else they wish), and discounted copies will be available to contributors for holiday giving. The purposes of the Skyline anthologies are to celebrate, highlight, and help provide publishing credits for central Virginia authors.